Triple Vegan Protein

An essential protein cocktail

With Vegan Power Meal we’re able to offer a unique vegan product which contains all the vital nutrients that you and your body need to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

With our Vegan Power Meal powder drink which comes in apple flavour, your body is able to absorb all the healthy nutrients straight away; unlike solid food, where nutrients have to pass through the body’s digestive system prior to eventually being absorbed.

This also means that you’ll find it easier to expel waste products, thereby enabling you to cleanse your body of toxins whilst simultaneously absorbing nutrients.

In so doing, your body expends less energy breaking down and absorbing the nutrients in your diet, which means that you can fully enjoy the energy boost you get from Vegan Power Meal.

Rice and Pea

In order to have a strong and healthy body that can cope with both training and everyday tasks, a correct and protein-rich diet is essential.

With the unique composition of Triple Vegan Protein – rice, pea, and hemp – this can be achieved in a single product.

Triple Vegan Protein thus supplements the protein lost after sleep and exercise, and you’ll experience faster replenishment of both energy and protein reserves, followed by a slower release of protein during the course of the day.


You will experience faster replenishment of both energy and protein reserves, followed by a slower release of protein during the course of the day


Hemp is easy to digest and absorb, which means that your body can easily obtain all the benefits of hemp. Moreover, hemp is rich in dietary fibre, which has a positive effect on the body’s digestive system.

Arginine & Histidine

Amino acids are the building blocks in proteins, which the body uses, among other things, to help in the production of enzymes, communication between cells, and the development and maintenance of muscles.

In our experience, these amino acids also contribute to growth in childhood.

Methionine and Cysteine

Our body is constantly involved in the process of breaking down and building up of cells and the nutrients that we ingest through our diet.

Enzymes play an essential role in ensuring that this process can function correctly, and, as such, make up an essential part of a healthy diet.


Unsaturated fatty acids: Omega 3 and 6

There are many different types of fatty acids, and although our body and brain cannot function without them, some fatty acids are better for the body than others.

In our Triple Vegan Protein composition with hemp and superfoods in the form of Chlorella and Spirulina, we’ve made sure of good vegan fatty acids which provide the greatest benefit to your body and mind. These fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, help to maintain the function of the body at cellular level, as they make up part of the cell membranes and are involved in the function of these.

The brain lives on fat, and if you deprive it of fat, it won’t be able to function in the optimum manner, resulting in tiredness and difficulty concentrating. Furthermore, fatty acids help to – quite literally – lubricate our insides and can therefore contribute to healthy digestion in a state of balance.