Green Superfoods

Why you need green superfoods

Many people are completely unaware of which areas of their diet are essential in terms of being able to maintain normal and healthy bodily functions that can cope with both training and working tasks in a daily routine. Our Vegan Power Meal contains several different green superfoods, which each contribute to good health, which is why it’s important that you get a little of everything on a daily basis.

As a 100 % vegan product, Vegan Power Meal is of course full of green superfoods which each contribute to healthy digestion. In addition, it’s a powder drink that contains no lactose or gluten whatsoever, but which comes in delicious apple flavour. Wheatgrass, which is just one of the ingredients in our Vegan Power Meal, contains iron, calcium, enzymes, antioxidants, and magnesium – and is therefore truly a green superfood.

Generally speaking, green superfoods have a positive effect on the absorption and transportation of oxygen throughout the body – i.e. they can contribute to greater levels of oxygen in the blood and to the brain.


There are a wide range of conclusions concerning the effect of superfoods on the well-being of the human body due to their high content of antioxidants.

Green superfoods such as green smoothies or salads that have a high content of antioxidants can help ensure a good state of health. Antioxidants protect the vital elements of the cells, and you can find antioxidants in nettles and vegetables such as wheatgrass and kale, as well as in various vegetable oils.

In our experience, antioxidant-rich ingredients such as wheatgrass and kale have antibacterial properties and they can exhibit anti-inflammatory properties during periods in which you may be suffering from inflammatory conditions.


As a 100 % vegan product, Vegan Power Meal is of course full of green superfoods which each contribute to healthy digestion


Fortunately, there’s a greater focus today on the importance of a well-functioning intestinal system and healthy intestinal flora.

Fibre has a major effect on the digestive system, and in a varied diet, it’s easy to get enough fibre, which is found in grain, wholemeal bread and in vegetables such as kale, carrots and peas.

With our Vegan Power Meal, we’ve of course made sure that you also get enough fibre to maintain a healthy and balanced digestive system.


Enzymes break down the food we consume and therefore act as an essential part of the digestive system.

In order to maintain the constant breakdown and regeneration of cells and nutrients, the body therefore needs enzymes.


Despite their vital function, only a few people actually know what phytochemicals are.

Phytochemicals are chemical processes that create physiological balance in the body. This takes place by combating parasites, infections, or inflammatory conditions, thereby helping to maintain a good general state of health.

In our experience, this is something which green superfoods such as those in our Vegan Power Meal also help to promote.



Vitamins support all bodily functions, including transportation of toxins, maintenance of the skeleton, muscles, mucous membranes and much more besides.


Minerals are often referred to as the body’s building blocks – and with good reason! Minerals such as calcium and magnesium help the body’s development and maintenance of bones, teeth, muscles, and hemoglobin count. These particular minerals are found in many green superfoods, in wholemeal, and of course specifically in our Vegan Power Meal.


This substance facilitates the conversion of sunlight to energy in a process also known as photosynthesis. Chlorophyll can thus help to promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, as well as helping to prevent body odour from bad breath and sweat. Green vegetables contain chlorophyll and endow you with more energy to cope with the stresses of everyday life.