Detox possibilities

Based on Bengt Valentino Andersen’s personal treatments and experience gained from these


Consume Vegan Power Meal morning + lunch and then eat an ordinary evening meal. Rapidly regain balance in your digestive system. This detox is designed for those people who suffer from general problems such as constipation and flatulence.


Consume Vegan Power Meal morning + lunch and then with hot blended vegetable soup for dinner. This detox helps the intestines and removes the build-up of fluid and thickening of the connective tissue.

Detox C

For those who train:
Consume Vegan Power Meal morning and then eat a normal lunch (although with a focus on meat/vegetables or vegan diet with lots of protein-rich ingredients) + consume again for evening meal along with blended vegetable soup.

Muscle mass is controlled by intake of extra protein at all mealtimes – this can be either animal or vegan, or a combination of the two. Bengt Valentino Andersen generally recommends vegan protein, as it is kinder on the kidneys.

Greater muscle mass: If you wish to build up greater muscle mass, then you can supplement Vegan Power Meal or a normal meal with extra protein.

Detox D

Consume Vegan Power Meal morning + lunch + evening.
Ideal detox to return to the body’s original balance.

Physical training

As a detox treatment, Vegan Power Meal can be consumed 2-3 times a day during a period of e.g. 3, 5 or 10 days