Philosophy - BODY MEAL
Bengt Valentino Andersen

The Philosophy

Bengt Valentino Andersen, Founder of Body Meal & Body SDS

For me, health is both physical and mental, and for many years I’ve experimented with diet and dietary habits in order to learn and get a sense of what the body and the psyche need to maintain balance and remain healthy and stable.

In order to test reactions and results on my own body, I’ve varied my diet periodically by eating an exclusively vegan diet, completely refrained from eating gluten and sugar, dropped carbohydrates totally, and tried eating only meat and vegetables.

I’ve also experimented with prolonged fastings, such as water fasting, where you deliberately deprive the body of nourishment by emptying its nutritional reserves and thereby also deep-lying waste stored in the intestines and the liver.

In addition, I’ve given up to 80,000 treatments under the auspices of Body SDS and trained myself and other athletes involved in elite sport.

Developed from experience

It is this range of experience which has formed the basis of the development of Vegan Power Meal, and it has turned out to be exactly the product I dreamed of. 

All my knowledge and my experience have been combined into a 100 % vegan meal – without gluten and lactose. It’s a meal that’s been carefully designed and put together with the aim of keeping the body in a state of balance.


Bengt Valentino Andersen

“The fact that you can take some of the healthiest and most nutritious products from all over the world and eat them in such a short space of time. That’s one of the best things about it for me”