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Just because you begin taking Vegan Power Meal it doesn’t mean that you need to turn your whole life upside down or have to sacrifice the things that you like and enjoy; you can easily live the life you’re used to.

Over time, however, you’ll find that cravings for, for example, sweet things and things that aren’t good for you or your body will diminish. This occurs because you’ll be in better shape both physically and mentally – your body will be in a state of balance and your weight will stabilise.

Too much for breakfast, too much for lunch and two portions at dinner

It’s made a big difference to Rune Simoni and his weight now that he always has Vegan Power Meal with him while travelling.

Rune Simoni – Sales Executive at Formula Automobile A/S

“I live more or less as I used to, but have automatically begun to eat smaller amounts of food. I still enjoy, for example, 2 bottles of wine a week in connection with events, yet I’ve managed to keep my weight in check. I maintain the weight I want. Vegan Power Meal has become my most important “cocktail” – one which I have absolutely no desire to be without.”

Do as Rune Simoni does, and give your body the boost it needs at the beginning or in the middle of the day.


Flavour Vegan Power Meal with …

Create your own recipe with Vegan Power Meal and flavor it with your favorite ingredient.
Vegan Power Meal can be used together with many different condiments – both vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free.

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Vegan Power Meal + Football

Vegan Power Meal + Football

Alexander Munksgaard – Professional footballer for AGF
As a professional footballer, Alexander Munksgaard has to perform every single day. Here he talks about the role that Vegan Power Meal has played for him during the past 3 years …

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My most important “cocktail”

My most important “cocktail”

Rune Simoni – Sales Director, Formula Automobile A/S
” I travel a great deal in connection with my job: 120 days a year, with around 100 nights spent in hotels. My job is very sedentary …”

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