My tennis training and Vegan Power Meal are an ideal combination
Sofia Mortensen

Sofia Jaaraq Mortensen

12 years of age. Danish Doubles Champion who made her debut on the national U12 team in 2020.

“I drink Vegan Power Meal every day before my first tennis training session because it gives me a good feeling in my body.

I train tennis for 2 hours every day after school, and I always need something nutritional prior to training. But if I eat a big portion of food, I feel heavy and lethargic. Previously, I’ve eaten a huge number of bananas, for example.

Now I don’t need anywhere near as much to eat because I have my Vegan Power Meal. At the end of the school day, I mix my Vegan Power Meal with apple juice and a little water, and then I’m ready to train. I feel light on my feet and ready to go …


With regard to my tennis, I have a lot of minor goals that I want to achieve before I can develop into a really good tennis player. In addition to my daily training, I therefore also do a great deal of physical training.

So with lots of training and a full day at school, my Vegan Power Meal is ideal. It makes me feel better prepared for the long day ahead.”

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