100% plant-based protein powder – a dietary supplement in powder form
Martha Rasmussen

Martha Rasmussen

Female athlete, 400 m hurdles

“The thing that’s both interesting and practical for me with respect to Vegan Power Meal is that I can drink one powder sachet instead of having to take 10 different tablets. And it’s very easy to take to training, to competitions and on trips.

I drink it in the morning in combination with fasting, and then I eat a good lunch later. This enables my digestive system to get quickly up to speed, which is a great advantage when I have to train.

Vegan Power Meal has meant that I don’t eat as much as I used to. I have my own dietician, and although there are fewer calories in a Vegan Power Meal, I can manage on 100 calories, as it feels like 500 calories.

I do a lot of anaerobic training with interval work for 400 m hurdles and 400 m flat. This type of training means that my muscles quickly get tired and there’s a build up of lactate in my legs. My nervous system is also put to the test, as my body is forced to run faster in successive intervals, so I really need good help to recover.

With Vegan Power Meal I get more protein in my diet and the help I need to recover. I’ve stopped using all other types of protein powder, which made me feel bloated. Now I use Vegan Power Meal as protein powder if I’m in need of extra energy.

I just can’t do without it; I need to drink it at least once a day in order to be the best version of myself.”

Vegan Power Meal Daily

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