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Marie Kronquist

Marie Kronquist

Practising Buddhist and teacher. She has been working with meditation, tranquillity, mental training and mindfulness for 15 years

“It’s important to me to have focus on both mental and physical health on a daily basis. During the last 12 years I’ve received Body SDS treatments once a month. I have great confidence in the Body SDS philosophy and have had many discussions with my therapist with regard to my activities and my body. With focus on the fact that I have an active and changeable daily routine, I was recommended Vegan Power Meal.

I’m a vegetarian and eat as healthily as I can. During the past three months, I’ve drunk Vegan Power Meal every day.

How I take it

I drink it with water and add fish oil to make up a morning meal. It works best for me if I have it in the middle of the day and eat a normal breakfast and dinner …

Convenient and tasty meal during a busy working day

It’s a meal that’s easy to relate to and it’s been very simple and straightforward to start using, without the need to procure a lot of equipment and accessories. I’ve tried lots of different detox juices, but they just don’t taste that good. But I like the taste of Vegan Power Meal – and it’s very easy to use.

I work extensively with senior managers, where I help them to create a feeling of well-being, peace of mind and consciousness in a busy everyday schedule; in fact, a day very much like my own, with no two days being alike. I teach, hold retreats and have days in which sessions fill the entire day.

I feel more together

As a practising Buddhist and teacher, I have a natural focus on the mental aspect during everyday life, and although it’s difficult to put into words, I now feel more together – more solid. It’s almost as if Vegan Power Meal acts like a cement that keeps both the physical and the mental side together.”

Marie Kronquist
Vegan Power Meal Daily

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