Mads Kornerup

Founder of Shamballa Jewels

“I began taking Body Meal in connection with an annual meditation holiday last year. During the week leading up to and the week after the meditation sessions, you have to stick to a special diet – and as I’m vegetarian, Body Meal was absolutely ideal in this regard.

Self-discipline isn’t one of my strengths, but of course I want to be healthy and fill the right fuel in the tank, so in future I’m planning to have Body Meal in the morning instead of my usual breakfast.

I meditate every morning for twenty minutes, which has had a major effect on my mental state. My aim with Body Meal is to consume it after meditation and then do some physical exercises.

If I have Body Meal at eight o’clock, I hope that a light bite at around eleven will keep me going until lunch at 12.30.

I have great faith in the product and look forward to achieving my ambitions with Body Meal.”