Fasting with Vegan Power Meal - 105 kcal – source of vitamins and minerals

Kem Ljungquist

30 years old and professional heavyweight boxer at Herlev Boxing club. Danish and Nordic champion on several occasions.

Kem Ljungquist has been boxing for 10 years, and is a heavyweight professional today.

Kem uses Vegan Power Meal as a replacement meal in connection with his daily fast. This means that he gets a full meal without too many calories that also keeps him going.

A good way to break the fast

“I fast every day, as my body benefits from fasting and exhibits better performance.

In this respect, Vegan Power Meal is – and has been – very important for me because it’s been a good way to break the fast. It’s effective and I feel that I have more energy. There aren’t that many calories, but enough to get my system going. It has a great effect on me”.

Looking for a low-calorie meal replacement?

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