Jonathan Canto Nielsen

Professional footballer for FC Copenhagen

”Body Meal is a great, delicious product. I use it as protein powder when I get home from a morning training session, where I blend it into a smoothie with linseed, spirulina, skyr, almond milk, and lots of different berries.

I feel that I have more energy and am able to recover both faster and better. Earlier, I was very sore and really had to push myself. During the Corona lockdown, I’ve had the chance to train harder and can feel the benefits of Body Meal – both in terms of my energy levels and my muscles.

Body Meal has also had an effect on how full I feel, and I don’t eat as much in the evening as I used to. My body fat percentage has fallen, and I can also feel a difference in terms of my digestion, with my stomach not feeling as heavy during the day.

Generally speaking, Body Meal has given me more energy and zest for life, and will remain part of my recovery strategy.”