Joachim Andersen

Professional footballer for the Danish national team and Olympique Lyon

“I began with Body SDS treatments at the age of 14 and have drunk Body Meal every day for seven years.

Before the product was developed, I bought the various ingredients separately, but fortunately it’s much easier now that it exists in powder form.

I drink Body Meal as soon as I wake up in the morning and then I eat a normal breakfast afterwards.

I’ve primarily used the product to keep me free of injuries; in combination with Bengt’s Body SDS treatments, it works really well for me. I feel that it helps keep my muscles soft and I recover better after training and matches.

I manage to stay injury-free and haven’t had muscle injuries for many years – which is very important in the world of football. I have plenty of surplus energy and have a better chance of developing as a player – and my muscles feel great.”