Jens Veggerby

Jens Veggerby

Former professional cyclist. Managing Director, Veggerby Sport & Kultur

”I cycle between 2½ and 5 hours a day and must admit that I was somewhat sceptical before I began using Vegan Power Meal. But it’s had a positive effect on me, and I feel that my stomach is under control in a way that it didn’t used to be.

I love food and have perhaps been slightly “old school” in my approach to breakfast prior to going out cycling. My priority was getting some fuel onboard: earlier, I could eat a large serving of oatmeal and 3-4 slices of bread with cheese. Very stodgy and heavy – and I often felt like I’d overeaten.

Both my stomach and my mind needed to adapt to being able to make do with less, and it’s surprised me how easy this has been with Vegan Power Meal. I feel sated, whilst that uncomfortable sensation of having overeaten has disappeared.

I generally eat less now, and I feel lighter on my feet. I also have more energy – both physical and mental – because I know that my fuel tank isn’t running on empty.

My ambition with Vegan Power Meal is focused on my well-being. We only live once: the better we feel, the better life is. If you’ve found something that works for you, then there’s no reason to change it.”