Hans Lindberg

Professional handball player for Füchse Berlin

”As a father and handball player, I’ve been looking for a product that suits my busy lifestyle. With two children that need to be got ready every morning, I often find myself not being able to eat what I need in order to have enough energy for a 2½-hour training session starting at 9:30.

The first time I tried Body Meal was in connection with a physical test at training, where we began at 8 o’clock. It can be difficult to fill up with energy so early in the day, but on this occasion, I was able to keep going for 4 hours – only on Body Meal.

I’ve been taking Body Meal for a couple of weeks now – and can feel a difference. I don’t feel hungry, I feel light on my feet and – most importantly – I feel that I have all the energy I need.

Body Meal appears to be the ideal “tool”, and I have great confidence in the product, as I’m already experiencing higher energy levels.”

– We will of course be following Hans Lindberg’s journey with Body Meal.