Gustav Isaksen

Professional footballer for FC Midtjylland

“I always feel refreshed and ready to face the day after a Body Meal, which I’ve now been taking for 2 years. For me it works really well in connection with morning training because it doesn’t feel as heavy in my stomach as so many other breakfast foods do. I feel full – without feeling heavy.

We normally train for 1½ hours, which means that I have a lot of energy and it feels great to play. As it also contains lots of proteins, I also use Body Meal in connection with weight training.

I used to suffer from bad skin, but it’s been much better after I began using Body Meal. I can actually see it on my skin and feel it in terms of my mood and energy if I haven’t taken Body Meal for a couple of days.

Body Meal has done wonders for me, and I’ve been able to stay more or less free of injury since I began taking it 2 years ago. I’m 100 % certain that the product has helped me become a better player.”