Felix Smith has finally found the perfect breakfast
Felix smith

Felix Smith

Danish TV and radio host

“As something new, I’ve now been taking Vegan Power Meal every morning for a month.

I’ve always found eating breakfast difficult – even when I’m hungry. So while the rest of the family has been sitting eating breakfast, I’ve always drunk countless cups of coffee before heading off to the gym or to work. In fact, you could say that Vegan Power Meal has made it easier for me not to eat breakfast. Now I know that I get a healthy meal at breakfast and I’m sure that it’ll become a permanent part of my morning routine.

I mix Vegan Power Meal with rice or almond milk and like the taste. In fact, it tastes better than similar products I’ve tried.

The great thing is that I don’t need to eat before lunch. My body gets healthy fuel from early in the morning, which it didn’t used to, and that feeling of having a hole in the pit of my stomach has gone. It really suits my working routines.”

Vegan Power Meal Daily

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