Adam Erritzøe: I drink Vegan Power Meal every morning

Adam Erritzøe

CEO at Eurogiro A/S + Partner in Cent Cols Challenges – Ultra cycling events featuring 100 mountain passes in 10 days.

Performance levels are high when Adam Erritzøe is on his bike in European mountain ranges in Cent Col Challenge’s ultra cycling events, in which competitors have to complete 100 mountain passes in just 10 days, or when he competes in extremely challenging sports events such as riding across Alaska on a Fat Bike in the world’s longest winter ultra marathon, ITI 1000.

This is a challenge which only the most experienced and robust competitors undertake, and, indeed, Adam Erritzøe is the only person from Scandinavia to have successfully completed the marathon.

Vegan Power Meal has been part of his routine for the past year, both on a daily basis and when embarking on major challenges.


”I was introduced to Vegan Power Meal a year ago and have used it regularly ever since.

I drink it more or less every morning, where I mix it with either water or apple juice – and 90 percent of the time, it’s all I have for breakfast. If I have to train hard or go on a long-distance ride, I supplement with oatmeal …

A marked change to my breakfast habits

Vegan Power Meal has meant a marked change to my breakfast habits, and is as a rule the only thing I consume before lunch. This works very well for me. 


It works extremely well for me as part of my daily routine, but also if I’m on a trip – e.g. in Alaska or competing in cycling events lasting for many hours a day and where recovery can be an issue. In this case, I not only use it as a full meal, but also as a sort of dietary supplement and as an aid to recovery.

In such circumstances, I typically use 2 sachets per day: one to supplement breakfast and one to supplement the “recovery drink” or protein powder which is taken just after getting off the bike.

Vegan Power Meal ensures the replenishment of all nutrients.

Adam Erritzøe
Adam Erritzøe


I find it reassuring to know that I’m getting all the vital nutrients I need – with the added bonus of this box being ticked shortly after I get up. Another advantage is that it’s incredibly quick and convenient. This means a great deal – both in everyday life and when I’m travelling.


For me, Vegan Power Meal has been a really positive experience – it works really well for me in my daily routine and when I’m travelling and competing in challenging sports events. So I’d encourage everyone to try it.” 

Do you also want a morning boost?

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