Why I wouldn’t go without Body Meal

Katrine Veje

Professional footballer for the Danish women’s national team and FC Malmö.

“I’ve therefore begun with Body Meal, whilst also replacing ordinary milk with oat milk at the same time … and what a difference it’s made!

I’ve never felt better than I do now! I’ve always been somewhat sceptical, but I can already feel a difference.

My ambition with Body Meal is to go for it 100 % and see how far it takes me. I dream of finding a balance in my body.”

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Felix Smith

Danish TV and radio host

“The great thing is that I feel full all the way through to lunchtime. My body gets healthy fuel from early in the morning, which it didn’t used to, and that feeling of having a hole in the pit of my stomach has gone. It really suits my working routines.

My ambition with Body Meal is to use it in combination with fitness training. Unfortunately, at the moment I have a shoulder injury, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the effects of it ‘in action’.”

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Joachim Andersen

Professional footballer for the Danish national team and Olympique Lyon

“I’ve primarily used the product to keep me free of injuries; in combination with Bengt’s Body SDS treatments, it works really well for me. I feel that it helps keep my muscles soft and I recover better after training and matches.

I manage to stay injury-free and haven’t had muscle injuries for many years – which is very important in the world of football. I have plenty of surplus energy and have a better chance of developing as a player – and my muscles feel great.”

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Alexander Munksgaard

Professional footballer for AGF

“I’ve been taking Body Meal for 3 years. I think it’s a great product that’s easy to drink, and when I train as much as I do, I know that my body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

When I have an early start at the club, I drink a Body Meal at 8.30, train and then eat lunch at 12.30. Body Meal takes the edge off my appetite: I don’t feel as hungry and I absorb the food that I eat better.”

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Mads Kornerup

Founder of Shamballa Jewels

“I began taking Body Meal in connection with an annual meditation holiday last year. During the week leading up to and the week after the meditation sessions, you have to stick to a special diet – and as I’m vegetarian, Body Meal was absolutely ideal in this regard.

Self-discipline isn’t one of my strengths, but of course I want to be healthy and fill the right fuel in the tank, so in future I’m planning to have Body Meal in the morning instead of my usual breakfast.”

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Erik Sviatchenko

Professional footballer for FC Midtjylland

“I’ve noticed that I eat less and don’t have a craving for sweet things. I’ve become leaner and my body fat percentage has actually fallen. 

As a top athlete, you use various tools to try to remain at 100 % at all times. However, some fine adjustment is sometimes needed, and in this case, Body Meal is a great tool that I now have in my toolbox.”

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Gustav Isaksen

Professional footballer for FC Midtjylland

“I always feel refreshed and ready to face the day after a Body Meal, which I’ve now been taking for 2 years.

Body Meal has done wonders for me, and I’ve been able to stay more or less free of injury since I began taking it 2 years ago. I’m 100 % certain that the product has helped me become a better player.”

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Hans Lindberg

Professional handball player for Füchse Berlin

“The first time I tried Body Meal was in connection with a physical test at training, where we began at 8 o’clock. It can be difficult to fill up with energy so early in the day, but on this occasion I was able to keep going for 4 hours – only on Body Meal.

I don’t feel hungry, I feel light on my feet and – most importantly – I feel that I have all the energy I need.”

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Uffe Bech

Professional footballer for Panathinaikos FC

“I’ve previously suffered from a lot of injuries due to muscular problems and had a tendency to pick up strains. I therefore underwent a complex and comprehensive test in Germany and was informed that a number of the foods that I was eating had a negative effect on my body.

As Body Meal is gluten-free and lactose-free, it was ideal for me. In fact, I can’t imagine that Body Meal can be a problem for anyone – it contains only good ingredients.”

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Kristian Riis

Professional footballer for FC Midtjylland

“I take my health very seriously – both physical and mental – and it’s extremely important for me to know that I’m giving my body the very best. It puts my mind at rest. I’ve been drinking Body Meal for a long time, and it provides just the right balance.

I feel at ease because I know that I’ve consumed something good and thereby will recover better. I’m mentally on top because I have plenty of energy and my mind is put at rest.”

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Andreas Poulsen

Professional footballer for FC Austria Wien

“I drink it every morning after breakfast, which consists of skyr and muesli. Earlier, I didn’t always feel full, but this new combination with Body Meal is perfect for me.

It’s great to think that Body Meal contains everything my body needs during the course of the day to function in the optimum manner.

I’m very happy!”

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Jonathan Canto Nielsen

Professional footballer for FC Copenhagen

“I feel that I have more energy and am able to recover both faster and better. Earlier, I was very sore and really had to push myself. During the Corona lockdown, I’ve had the chance to train harder and can feel the benefits of Body Meal – both in terms of my energy levels and my muscles.

Generally speaking, Body Meal has given me more energy and zest for life, and will remain part of my recovery strategy.”

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Morten Hjulmand

Professional footballer for FC Admira Wacker Mödling

“In consultation with my physiotherapist and trainer, I was looking for a product that would help the cramp-like sensations I often suffered from during training. I was recommended Body Meal, which attracted my interest because it contains exactly the ingredients I need –magnesium, in particular.

Body Meal is of high quality and provides everything I need to train at a high level.”

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